Building Courage

Being inspired is easy, but "being" is passive. Getting motivated, taking ownership, and doing work — those are different stories. We all need a kick in the pants, every once in a while. Some more than others. I need it on an hourly basis. No, I don't need any volunteers.

First, a little perspective:

The Most Astounding Fact — Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ira Glass on Storytelling

The gift that keeps on giving.

The original video series

Kinetic type by David Shiyang Liu

Image by Daniel Sax

…and a video by Daniel Sax as well.

Make good habits.

Obsession + Topic = Voice

I admire John Gruber and Merlin Mann, two of my favorite Mac nerds, for doing their own things in fairly different ways. Gruber has focused his writing efforts on his Daring Fireball site for years, and he also hosts its podcast counterpart, known simply as The Talk Show. Merlin might seem to do the opposite of focus, but he sticks with something and makes it awesome until it is done. Sometimes that thing is done sooner than I (or the rest of the internets) would like, e.g. You Look Nice Today. Between his current podcasts Back to Work (195 episodes as of this writing) and Roderick on the Line (131 episodes), he's built a more consistent body of work than his off-the-cuff, shuck and jive personality might suggest. 

In retrospect, each of their careers over roughly the last decade has a certain logical narrative, but at every step of the way, when they've made difficult decisions about what to do (or not do) next, their own choices must have seemed bonkers.