Justin Cone on the Language of Motion Design

Justin Cone:

In motion design, stripping back the visuals to their simplest forms reduces cognitive load, allowing the viewer to internalize the meaning of the graphical elements and focus on the interplay between them, rather than on the elements themselves.

The characters aren’t the stars, the relationships between them are.

This post scratches the surface of one of my current favorite topics — the use of motion graphics to meaningfully convey information. Semiotics, spatial recognition, characterization of complex ideas, etc. all come together on our omni-present screens and challenge us to interact and understand.

Justin has always struck me as a kindred spirit (though he's way more prolific) in his appreciation of the potential of motion graphics. His posts on Motionographer (and its former incarnation Tween) were daily reading for my early motion graphics classes. I owe him many drinks.