Canon 7D kit

Advanced Video Checkout

Additional equipment: Ikan V5600 LCD Monitor, straight head screwdriver

Practical Exam




Connect EOS/Nikon adapter to camera body

  • Note difficulty in alignment
  • Adapter should turn clockwise onto camera body

Connect 50mm lens to adapter

  • Note difficulty in alignment
  • Lens should turn counter-clockwise onto adapter

Disconnect and swap in 24mm lens

  • Lens + EOS/Nikon adapter will disconnect from camera body and must then be separated
  • Note difficulty with adapter's tab for disconnecting

Add FaderND filter to 24mm lens

  • Note care given to avoid cross-threading step-up ring
  • Note care in handling filter

Remove FaderND filter

Format CF card


  • Switch to manual exposure
  • Adjust shutter speed
  • Adjust aperture
  • Adjust ISO
  • Test shot for exposure
  • Check histogram
  • Enable live view
  • Record clip
  • Review clip

Perform a custom white balance

Focus & monitoring

  • Zoom 7D's display to check focus
  • Zoom out to restore
  • Attach Zacuto Z-Finder
    • Requires attaching Z-Finder support frame to the camera body first
  • Detach Zacuto Z-Finder and store
  • Connect Ikan V5600 LCD Monitor via HDMI
  • Confirm Ikan V5600's functionality
  • Disconnect Ikan V5600 LCD Monitor

Connect Rode shotgun mic to camera body




Written Exam

Describe the C1/C2/C3 settings, as customized by Jeremy

  • C1: 1080p, 24p, 1/50 shutter
  • C2: 720p, 60p, 1/120 shutter
  • C3: 1080p, 30p, 1/60 shutter

What type of Nikon lenses are compatible with the Canon 7D and EOS/Nikon adapter?

Lenses with a manual aperture ring (non G-series lenses)

What precautions should be taken with the Zacuto Z-Finder?

  • Do not leave the Zacuto Z-Finder uncovered (attached or not) in direct sunlight.
  • Do not try to pick up the camera by the Z-Finder.