Grip equipment bag

Intermediate Video Checkout

Put stuff where you need it, safely, without using a C-stand.


Super Clamp

Super clampSuper clamp wedgeStud male x2

  • Pipe clamp with optional wedge insert for flat surfaces
  • Max load: 33.1 lbs
  • Includes reversible brass stud: 1/4" male ➞ 3/8" male
  • Can hold:
    • Magic Arm
    • Flex Arm
    • Anything that accepts a 1/4"-20 or 3/8" thread (some lights, tripod heads, cameras, LCD monitors, microphones, etc.)
    • Other Super Clamps
    • You're not thinking hard enough…

Magic Arm

Magic arm

  • Mounts to a Super Clamp (via 1/4"-20 thread or 5/8" baby stud receptor) or any 1/4"-20 bolt
  • Rigid when locked, but imprecise

Flex Arm

Flex arm

  • Mounts to a Super Clamp (1/4"-20 thread or 5/8" baby stud receptor)
  • Can hold a lightweight camera, LCD monitor, LED light panel, umbrella mount bracket, etc.
  • Not as strong as the Magic Arm, but obviously more flexible

Umbrella Mount Bracket

Umbrella mount exploded

  • Mounts to 5/8" baby stud; or 1/4"-20 bolt (via reversible brass studs); or 1/4"-20 or 3/8" thread.
  • Holds an umbrella (yup), flash unit, LCD monitor, LED light panel, etc.

Wall Plate

Wall plate


  • Screw it to a wall, ceiling, 2x4, plywood, etc.
  • 5/8" baby stud holds lights, Super Clamp, umbrella mount bracket, etc.


  • Don't overload the clamps or the threads. Those 1/4"-20 bolts can break off. Fasten via 5/8" baby stud when possible.
  • Most of these devices should only be finger-tightened, not hand-tightened or wrenched.
  • A grip should be resourceful, but not cocky enough to take stupid risks with B) expensive camera equipment, but more importantly A) dangerously heavy or hot equipment that could fall and injure someone.