Indie dolly

Advanced Video Checkout



Curved Track

  • About 13’ in length
  • About 1/4 of a 20’ diameter circle

Straight Track

  • 12’ in length.

Why Should You Use It?

  • Smooth, repeatable camera moves
  • Get help. You’ll want a dolly grip, camera operator and possibly a focus puller on a long focus whip.
  • For smaller moves with a single-person crew, try a slider instead.

Need to Know

Twist & Shout
The track is stored with the crossbars in an “X” position and must be untwisted so the crossbars are parallel to each other. The process is awkward and feels like you’re going to bend or break the bars or your fingers. You probably won’t, but be careful.

Be sure to place support blocks under the track at each joint as well as in the middle of each length of track.

Also, wooden shims are available from The Cage for leveling the track on uneven ground.

Watch that seat. It tends to fall off the bar. Try wrapping some gaffer’s tape around the bar before slamming the seat down onto it. Please stop laughing.

Assembly Instructions


  • Don’t roll the dolly wheels on anything but the track.

  • Don’t get it dirty, wet or sandy. This is possible by not using it near dirt, water or sand.

  • Don’t put excessive weight on it. If you bend the track or break a wheel, everyone will laugh at you. And by “laugh”, I mean “yell”. And by “everyone” I mean “me”.

    And “everyone”.

Indie-Dolly Systems website

Dolly Manual PDF