Video vs. Vision

Cinematographer Style (2006)

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Ch. 1: Why is Lighting Important for Television and Video?

G. I. Blues (1960)

Jackman (2010):

This room was lit pretty much in Hollywood formula fashion, effective, but certainly not breaking any new ground in lighting design. The bed and Elvis are intensely lit with thousands of watts of studio lights, while the rest of the bedroom is broken into a pattern with several blue-gelled lights with cookies. I think I even recognize the patter of the standard Mole-Richardson cookie! This broken pattern of blue light on the walls is Hollywood code for “this is nighttime.” (p.7)

Sweet (2001)

Director: Elyse Couvillion
Cinematographer: Allen Daviau ASC

Ch. 2: Human Vision, the Camera, and Exposure


Jackman, J. (2010). Lighting for digital video and television, third edition. Burlington, MA: Focal Press